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 Miss Chen Bespoke – The Guide

We only produce jewelry in precious metals and stones to cater to ladies of fine taste and distinction. We have written this guide to dealing with Miss Chen Bespoke as our product is always perfect but sometimes our English it not. We hope the guide will help you in your buying journey.

1.      General

a)      About our company

We are a professional and established jewelry manufacturer with over 10 years’ experience. You are buying directly from the factory. We control our own manufacturing operation which produces exclusively for Miss Chen Bespoke. We have senior designers, precious stone and precious metal artisans all under the one roof. We offer top quality pieces including 1:1 recreations of popular brands. We often use original pieces and buy them ourselves to make sure what we make is the same as the original.


b)     Contact Details

We speak English and Chinese (Mandarin) but sometimes our English is limited.
WeChat - MissChen625 (This is our preferred method of contact)
WhatsApp - +8617359100770/+8617750023158
Email - realgoldjewelry@163.com
Skype: +8617359100770
Tel: +86-17359100770
Website – www.18kvancleef.com


c)      Why buy from Miss Chen?

·       Trust – We are a trusted seller on RepLadies and have too many 9/10 or above ratings to count. See for yourself. You can also contact us for a virtual factory tour from casting, to polishing to setting.

·       Quality – We don’t cut corners. We use top quality gold stock (not recycled) and genuine natural diamonds typically VS F grade. Our items also routinely weigh more than our competitors.

·       Accuracy –Our jewelry is 1:1. We even buy the originals to make sure.

·       Price – We are the cheapest for the quality we offer. You are also dealing directly with the factory unlike other wholesalers.

·       Flexibility – We only require a small deposit upfront and we send you quality control pictures before we ship. We also have some of the most generous warranty and return procedures in the industry.

d)     Is Miss Chen related to Wenzhi Chen and Yomi Chen?

We are in no way related to Wenzhi and Yomi Chen. Information in reddit reviews about us being affiliated is incorrect. We do not share the same manufacturing facilities. We do not supply to them. They are not our relatives. Our surnames are the same. However, Chen is the 4th most common surname in China so this is pure co-incidence. We believe our products are superior quality to these sellers.


e)      What materials do you use in your jewelry?

We only use 18K gold and charge the same price for white, yellow or rose gold. Our gold is Swiss stock sourced from Valcambi SA. We do not use scrap gold or recovered gold from the polishing or shaping process. We return our recovered gold to a refiner. Our white gold is rhodium plated and nickel free. Lesser sellers often use recovered or scrap gold which is poor quality for fine jewelry and their items may contain nickel.

We only use natural stones and in the case of diamonds we use VS F grade stones at a minimum. We do not use lab created, synthetic or diamond substitutes. If you are purchasing an engagement ring with a large center stone we use GIA certified diamonds. Our colored stones including emeralds and rubies are natural.


f)      Do you supply to individuals?

Yes, in fact most of our purchasers are individuals rather than shops. We do also offer wholesale as well.

2.      Ordering from us

a)      Where can I find information about the products you sell?

You can see a small selection of what we sell at our website at: www.18kvancleef.com

Unfortunately, our website is a work in progress, doesn’t feature all our items and is poorly organized. Our strength lies in running a jewelry factory and not our website. We invite you to contact us directly. We can send you high definition videos and pictures of our pieces. Brands we pay homage to include Cartier, Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany, Messika, Chanel, Bvlgari (Bulgari), Hermes, Chopard, Dior, Chaumet and Louis Vuitton and Fred. If you don’t see the brand or piece you want don’t hesitate to contact us.


b)     Can you make custom items?

We can make many custom items. Please send us a picture of the item you are requested and we will request more specifications or tell you if we can make it. At the moment, we do not make watches.


c)      Where can I find out the price of an item?

To get a price on a particular piece please contact us directly with the item and size you require. The price of gold and precious stones fluctuates and there can also be a slight additional charge for a larger size in some items. We are a low margin highly competitive business. For this reason, we do not publish a price list but will give you our best price when you contact us.


d)     Do you offer free engraving?

We offer a free engraving service to all our customers. We understand jewelry represents an emotion or memory. We want to capture this special moment for you. Please let us know what you want engraved and we will work with you to design a tasteful and beautiful inscription.


e)      What are your ordering procedures?

Our procedures are efficient giving you feedback on your order at every step of the way:

·       Confirm order - Confirm items including gold color, size and price. Following this, confirm the total order price including shipping fee and a fee for packaging if you require gift bags and boxes from the brand you are purchasing. At this stage you may also request custom engraving such as names or initials on your pieces.

·       Deposit to commence work - We take a 30% deposit to commence production. We accept payment via Telegraphic Transfer(Suggest payment 100%) or Western Union. We do not accept PayPal or credit cards.

·       Production - Pieces typically take 10-14 days to create and we update you on the progress throughout.

·       Pre-shipping quality check – Before shipping your item we provide you HD videos and photos so you can confirm the product details, size, color and workmanship. We invite you to ask questions at this stage.

·       Pay Balance – After you are happy with your item, you pay the balance of 70% to release it for shipping

·       Shipping – The item takes 3-5 days to arrive to you and we ask that you confirm receipt and take any pictures of videos of the item if there are any issues.

·       Returns – We aim to be as generous as the boutique itself including on resizing or change of mind. See our generous policies in the section below.

·       Maintenance – We perform touchups, minor repairs and polishing on our jewelry free of charge as long as you are prepared to pay return shipping for your piece. If you have an accident with your jewelry please send us a photo and we will do our best to try help you without charge. This service is offered for the lifetime of the item to the original purchaser.


We provide a cloth jewelry bag at no extra with your item. We can provide gift bags and boxes free of charge with appropriate branding for your item. If you require us to ship this separately to your item there is a small additional shipping charge. If you order multiple items we may be able to ship the gift bags and boxes at no additional charge.

f)     How do I pay you?

We accept Western Union or Telegraphic Transfer. Please contact us for our latest payment details. We do not accept PayPal or credit cards as we are dealing with precious metals and stones. These services can also cause problems for buyers and sellers when buying this type of jewelry.


g)     How long does my order take?

The entire process takes about 20 days from paying the first deposit to the order arriving:

·       Deposit clearance time is 1-2 days

·       Item creation is 10-14 days depending on current backlog and if there are public holidays

·       Balance clearance time is 1-2 days

·       Shipping time is an additional 3-5 days

We ask you to quickly respond during the quality check phase to make sure your order isn’t delayed unnecessarily.


h)       What shipping services do you use?

We use DHL or EMS. We often choose the best service based on the destination. We securely pack the items and fill in the paperwork appropriately.


i)       Do your prices include shipping?

No, we will quote you a shipping fee in addition to your item fee. Our shipping fees are very reasonable and we do not attempt to make a margin from these.

3.      Sizing your jewelery

a)      Why is correct size important?

Correct size is important for two reasons:

·       Correct and comfortable fit – You do not want a bracelet or ring which is too loose or too tight on the body.

·       Accurate quotations – Prices on our jewelry differ by size so we need an accurate size to quote you.


b)     How do I size a ring?

We use either European (44-71) or US/UK (3-13.25) not alphabetical sizing. The best way to size your finger is go to a professional jeweler and use a ring sizing kit. If you can’t do this you have several options:

·       Use an existing ring – For this option, we recommend you have the size checked by a professional or use a sizing template (see below).

·       Use a ring sizer kit – You can often get these for free. They are made of plastic and less reliable than a solidly made steel kit from a jeweler (see below).

Good sources of ring sizing information and free sizing kits can be found at two leading diamond merchants Blue Nile and James Allen.

Be aware that if you check your finger in the morning it might be slightly smaller than at the end of the day due to fluid retention. Your fingers also change size naturally according to temperature. You want a fit that is snug but has a slight amount of movement. The ring should feel like it stays comfortably on and is not going to fall off or roll around excessively.


c)      How do I size a bracelet or bangle?

The most accurate method is with a tape measure:


·       Wrap the tape measure around the wrist on which you plan to wear your bracelet.

·       Take note of the point at which the tape meets the zero. In this case it is 17.5cm where the gold tab meets the 17.5cm marker.

For the Love Bracelet, we recommend to add 1.5cm to provide a snug but comfortable fit. You can adjust this to be looser or tighter as needed. Cartier also has a Love bracelet sizing tool online involving printing out a paper guide but we feel this method is more accurate.


d)     How do I size a necklace?

There are three methods for sizing a necklace:

·       Use an existing necklace – If you have an existing necklace which has the perfect drop then simply use a tape measure to find out its chain length.

·       Experiment with strings or existing chains – You can use a piece of string or other chains to work out your ideal length.

·       Use a sizing guide – Measure your neckline with a tape measure and use a guide.

This guide was is for a model with a 35cm neckline. You may need to choose a size larger/smaller for yourself depending on your neck size.


Necklace / Chain Size (cm)


Choker: Worn close to the neck line, a pendant can be attached.


Princess: Worn at the top of the bust line, a pendant can be attached

Matinee: Worn at the top of the bust line

Opera: Worn below the bust line or as a double strand

> 100
Ropes & Lariats: Often worn doubled

4.      How do I care for my fine jewellery?

a)      What should I be careful of in daily wear?

Please remember that all our jewelry is made of precious metals and stones. We recommend:

·       Avoid excessive strikes to your jewelry – Gold by its nature is a softer metal. To avoid scratches, scrapes and precious stones being dislodged from their mountings try to avoid striking your piece on hard surfaces.

·       Avoid chemicals – Exposing your piece to scent, soaps, chemicals or cosmetics could wear the piece or dull its finish. We recommend you wait until scents and cosmetics are completely dry before wearing your jewelry.

·       Avoid excessive water and heat – Prolonged exposure to water especially chlorinated or salt water or high temperature can damage your jewelry.

·       High impact activities – We recommend you avoid wearing your jewelry during high impact activities such as sports, gardening, swimming or in the shower or bath.

Gold will naturally develop small scratches and marks over time that will become its natural patina.


b)     How should I clean and store my jewelry?

For occasional cleaning, we recommend you soak your jewelry in lukewarm water with a small amount of dishwashing detergent and then use a gentle brush such as a toothbrush to clean off any accumulated dirt or oils. After this, use a gentle cloth to dry your items. You may apply gentle heat from a hair dryer to also assist in the drying process. For more serious cleaning, you may consult a jeweler and use an ultrasonic cleaner.

Always try to keep your pieces in a fabric lined case separate from each other to prevent them being knocked or scratched. Some materials require special precautions:

·       Diamonds – These are the hardest of all materials which means they can scratch other items including metals. We advise that you store these separately. Diamonds attract greasy substances such as hand cream which dulls their sparkle.

·       Other precious stones – These require the same care as diamonds except they are often less hard than diamond. Large emeralds may be brittle and we recommend you treat these with extra care especially against strikes.

·       Mother of pearl – Derived from sea shells, this material is lustrous and delicate. Avoid exposing mother of pearl to water as a gradual absorption effect may occur. Instead clean mother of pearl with a soft dry cloth (making it slightly damp if a stain is particularly stubborn). Mother of pearl is naturally a very soft substance and scratches will appear on its surface


White gold over time will lose its highly lustrous white mirror finish revealing a slightly grey dull finish. This is natural. In order to restore the white gold’s luster, it may require a rhodium plating treatment. This may be done at any professional jeweler or from Miss Chen Bespoke direct. We recommend this be done every 2 years if you regularly wear your piece of jewelry.

5.      Other information

a)      What is your service and returns policy?

We endeavor to offer the same service experience as the boutique. As stated above, we offer complimentary lifetime service of your item for minor works such as polishing, minor repairs or touch ups. We provide services such as resizing of rings or chains, modifying earrings to fix posts and clips or even doing engraving.

Our returns policy is also the best in the industry. If you are unhappy with the item or you want a different size you may exchange free of charge. All we ask is that you pay the return shipping for your item. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.


b)     What happens if my item breaks or is defective?

Please send us photos or videos of the issue first. If we determine that it is a manufacturing fault then we will repair the item free of charge. If the defect was caused by an accident or mishandling then we will try our best to repair the item free of charge but there may be a small fee depending on the nature of the repair needed.


c)      How long do you guarantee your items?

This is another industry first. We provide a lifetime guarantee for all our items to the first original purchaser of the item. We are always there to help you.


d)     What should I do if I like my Miss Chen Bespoke jewelry?

We would love you to tell your friends. We are a small business and all our advertising is basically from customers and friends telling each other. If you are feeling particularly generous, we would love a positive review in RepLadies of one of our pieces. If you feel you need to leave a negative review, we would love if you contacted us first to try help you as these reviews are very important to us and affect our business.